Sometimes it is easier to lose our own suffering in the collective pain. Collective pain, as in a common pain we humans share. Just like it’s always easy to lose ourselves in the sea of others. Because at least that’ll make us forget about our own pain and heartbreak. However, the ugly truth is that... Continue Reading →


Human beings are beautiful. Women are beautiful. Men are too. We all are. The thing about beauty is that it's relative. It comes in many forms and in different fonts. You can find beauty in everything around you, all you have to do is know how to look. Beauty is in happiness. It' s also... Continue Reading →


Ups and downs: some of life's most beautiful elements. You have to survive the storm and wait for the sun to come out in order to see the rainbow. Yes, not all moments are perfect and not all memories are sweet. But without them our life would be incomplete. We need to know pain in... Continue Reading →


  @indg0 Sometimes, reality truly does feel like a dream... or in this case, a nightmare. We have evolved so much as people and a community. We have achieved what once was the wildest of imagination. We have found our selves, our ways, our beliefs, and most importantly our morals. I can't understand whatsoever, how... Continue Reading →


@indg0I haven’t written in a while, and I think that’s mainly because of the lack of inspiration that I’ve felt. But I just realized that it wasn’t that. I am being inspired, but the things that are inspiring me now are not the things that inspired me before. I have found a whole new side... Continue Reading →


Maybe we’re all a bit broken. We all have our own scars, different yet so alike. We feed on what others think of us- and the monster continues to grow. It grows wildly and viciously until it tears us apart. A monster which we all have, inside us. Our insecurities. But the thing is, we... Continue Reading →

Lust and pain

Series: part 1 As the stars glimmered in the pitch black sky, the night was mesmerizing... it was wild. She came down the never ending steps of the ballroom stairs, she was radiant. Her bright ocean eyes, puckered lips, postured shoulders, and that beautiful emerald gown. She was a sight for sore eyes. She stroked... Continue Reading →


@indg0 Not everyone in your life is going to want to stay. Some people are meant to be a lesson that you have to learn, the hard way. Whereas, some are willing to stay and stand by you every step of the way. But, that is all mediocre. That is the way life has always... Continue Reading →


I think it's inevitable that people are on a constant hunt for their happily ever after. And so it really scares me to realize that not everyone gets one. A happily ever after. But then again, you never know what is yet to come. A blessing could always be disguised as a burden and vice... Continue Reading →

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