The Significance of Courage🌸

I am convinced that courage is one of the most important key qualities. Courage can be characterized as, facing one of your fears or even standing up to a bully. Shortly, courage is “having strength in the face of pain or greif.” It’s not an easy task to accomplish, trust me, but once you do accomplish it, you can be certain that nothing and I mean NOTHING can stand in your way!  You are able to overcome anything and everything  you put your mind to! One of the most common behaviors that kill courage is comparing yourself to others. Just don’t! Each and every individual is special in his/her own unique way. If everyone was the same, life would have been so boring. Once you start acknowledging your talents, self worth and importance, comparing yourself to others won’t be an issue anymore. Also, two important tasks in order to stock up your courage and braveness are framing what you fear and studying them properly in order to overcome them. In addition to always embracing the positives and pros by avoiding the negatives and cons. One important quote to keep in mind is “True courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness to proceed inspite of it.” -Anonymous

xxx Lilia    23/7/2018

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