Inner Beauty💕

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone is beautiful. Beauty is in diversity, without diversity life would be boring. Todays beauty standards which promote unrealistic body ideals should not be the only goals we aim to achieve. They make it hard to not get caught up in comparing ourselves to these unrealistic standards. We should strive to be beautiful on the inside and then on the outside. Looks and outer appearances are products of gods making which we have no role in. However, our success, thinking and achievements are all on us, thus that is what we should focus our attention on. Everyone is so focused on being pretty, they forget to focus on being pretty smart, pretty funny and pretty nice. A pretty face you can forget, there are thousands but a pretty mind, a pretty soul, a pretty heart stains.

“Inner beauty should be the most important part of improving one’s self.” -Priscilla Presley

xxx Lilia


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