A Light from Within👼🏼

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul.” 💖

Inner beauty comes from within. We experience it when we are aligned with our life purpose and our true hearts desire. A pure soul shines through even when the person might not be aware of it. The true colors of a person always have a way of showing, one way or another. Simple and thoughtful acts are what highlight a beautiful spirit. It’s not the first time we hear that beauty isn’t just having a pretty face, but have we actually listened to it? And most importantly have we realized it? Beauty is how you feel on the inside, and it reflects in your eyes. 💫 It’s when you look into someone’s eyes and see what’s in his/her heart. How different would our beauty standards be if we could see someone’s soul instead of just his/her looks? You never know what someone is actually going through, how he/she is feeling and what thoughts are swirling in his/her head. Our words are a reflection of our heart🧚🏻‍♀️ so be kind, it costs nothing and always smile, it’s the easiest and most beautiful accessory you can put on. You create beauty by your actions, thoughts and attitude. Always be yourself since an original is worth way more than a copy😉

And be kind to yourself the same way you are to others. Don’t be harsh on yourself, because in the end, it’s only you. Many leave, many backstab, many die, many lie, many support and many love but in the end all you have standing by you is you. 💯

“Beauty doesn’t last forever but a beautiful personality does.”


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