✖️Anger, the feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind.✖️ Life is a collection of moments, feelings and memories. These moments are limited so are you willing to waste a bunch of them whether on anger or anything else negative? You never know which moment may be the last for you, for someone you love or something you have. Make the most of them. Anger is not a solution❗️It doesn’t solve anything, it builds nothing but it can destroy everything. Only when you are calm, collected and focused will you be able to find a solution for any problem you may be facing. When we are angry our mind doesn’t function rationally and doesn’t always lead us to the right decision or action. That is why the worst decisions we make are often the ones we take when we are angry, scared or worried. Always whisper to yourself “you can handle this” and count till ten because you’ve got this and being angry will not make anything better nor will it benefit you or anyone else. Being angry mainly hurts you before anyone else. Words you may not mean to say will slip out and you will later regret them. Words cut deeper than knives so always think about what you’re going to say before you say it‼️ When you’re angry you won’t be able to think properly, that’s why it is always better to remain silent when you are angry. Remain silent for a couple of minutes until you are able to collect your thoughts and tell the person exactly what bothered you instead of shouting, yelling and blaming them. Nothing is solved by pointing fingers, actions and measures need to be taken, mistakes have to be realized and the conflict has to be settled. Just because you’re angry, doesn’t mean you have the right to be cruel. Keep the other persons’ or peoples feelings in mind, think about how much your words and actions are going to affect them. If what you were going to say or do hurts you then don’t say it to anyone. If words were silver than silence is gold. Sometimes the best thing we can do is be silent and not reply because an ongoing argument where both parties are mad and not willing to change their point of view will just magnify the problem. We, as humans, feel anger, joy, pain and excitement. We feel emotions. It isn’t always up to us to decide how we are feeling but it is up to us to control it and deal with it in the correct manner and avoid unnecessary problems and pain. Sometimes we hold a grudge on someone we love who we feel hurt us and never apologized but we never think that we may not have given them a chance to.Yelling and saying hurtful words without giving someone a chance to talk and explain themselves and at the same time expecting them not to feel hurt and to apologize is unfair even if they were mistaken. Everybody makes mistakes, we are humans. We learn from our mistakes but that takes time, we may not learn from the first time or the second or the third but that’s okay. I make so many mistakes daily but if I wanted to give up or stop after each one then I wouldn’t get anywhere. I make a mistake, I realize it, I say so what, I try not to repeat it but if I did then I’d repeat the previous process over and over until I learn. Don’t ever be ashamed of doing a mistake and if anyone blames you for it then they are deeply mistaken for doing so. If the person you are hurt from is someone you love, I suggest you not hold a grudge for more than an hour and go hug that person and fix everything because you never know when that person may not be there anymore. Appreciate what you have, the people you have and all the blessings you are given and just chill.🖤 Never let anything upset you because life is short and nothing is worth wasting a second of it. Spread peace, positivity, love and more love…our world needs it‼️


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