“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.💜

A smile, a curve that can set everything straight. It’s the prettiest thing you can wear plus it costs nothing. Just a simple act like smiling at a random stranger walking by,  an old lady sitting on a bench or a little kid standing next to an ice-cream truck, can lead to the feeling of actual happiness and joy for you and others around you. A smile is the easiest gesture you can offer and a silent way of saying hello💫. You never know if a person you smiled at may be dealing with depression or anxiety, therefore a simple smile is guaranteed to make them feel better. It would give them hope and a reminder that they aren’t alone and by just that, you may be saving a life. See how a free and quick smile can do wonders🌟. Smiling is contagious! It is true when they say “laugh and the whole world laughs” since it makes everyone in the room feel better because they, consciously or unconsciously, are smiling with you. Life is life, there is no specific definition for it, but it can be characterized by obstacles, hardship and happiness. Life often gives us the toughest obstacles at the most crucial times knowing that after defeating them we will wind up stronger than we ever were before. Just know that you are brave and sensational. You know why? Because everyday life gives you a hundred reasons to give up, but you still continue to fight and get through it… that is worth smiling for💜. Look around you and appreciate what you have because you are so blessed even if you can’t always see it. Being so blessed, why would we not have reason to smile? I think that everything in life becomes beautiful once we find the proper way to look at it. “You can see the cup half full or half empty.” In the end, it is your decision. You can look at the dark side, the bright side or at both sides of things but remember to choose the one what makes you smile. That is the power of perspective. Be the reason someone smiles today and everyday, make it your mission to spread kindness, love and peace because our world needs it. Remember that smiling doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy, sometimes it just means that you’re strong, so wear that beautiful smile of yours and rock it. P.s: You are somebody’s reason to smile 😉

“Smile darling, and the world smiles with you.”💟

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