Behold the truth, a girl known as trouble, seeking the love and attention she never got. Beware, not everyone that puts on a smile is happy…You never know the full story. The eyes hold the deepest lies and the heart hides the darkest secrets. The mind plays the toughest games and the mouth makes the fakest smiles. A girl, lonely, sad and confused was lost. Her words were her only weapon for no violence, anger or strength was held in her mind rather than peace and the search for her happiness. She was fragile and soft, the days and pain had rolled and shaped her just like a baker does his dough. She was strong, for she didn’t give up even when life had given her every reason to. She would remain silent, not because she didn’t have anything to say but because her screams were too loud for the world to hear. No one understood, for she was a perfect catastrophe. She was too beautiful for this world. This world… where voices are shut, dreams are destroyed and lives are controlled. She was a free spirit, maybe her actions were controlled, however her soul was a whole other world away. No one could discover it and whoever did, fell deeply in love. She didn’t want to be with anyone, not because she wasn’t capable of love but because she was, and she was in love, in love with herself. Days, months, years passed and she is still in love, with herself, waiting for someone to love her the same way, then is when she will love another. She hoped that everyone would find the happiness she spent all her life seeking, but little did she know that it was so close to her reach this whole time…if only she had let happiness find her instead of trying so hard to find it.💔


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