A world away✨

Gazing at the stars on a deep dark night, she got lost in her thoughts, wondering about the meaning of her existence. Thinking about life, what was life, why was it so savage and difficult to survive in. She pondered about how people were able to think about their afterlife when they hadn’t even figured out their current life. Heaven and hell, places having actions as their keys. What place could be tougher and more evil than this world we live in, she thought. What is this power that makes the earth float around the sun, and the moon around the earth? Why is the sun the most famous star when there are millions of much larger stars? Why is the lion the king of the jungle and not the tiger or the gorilla? What makes the caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly? Is it true that souls can have such a deep connection that makes them communicate by their minds and thoughts and not by words? She thought and thought and thought. She had always believed that everything went according to plan, destiny, fate or whatever you want to call it. She knew that no matter how lonely she felt, she always had god and the angels by her side. She was strong and mighty yet soft and fragile. She wore her heart on her sleeve and treated everyone with such great kindness. Yet not everyone liked her, for her mind and soul were too much to handle. She was complex, she had depth to her. She wasn’t just a pretty face, but a beautiful soul, one that was so hard to understand and predict. She could have been described, as most people like to say, easy on the eyes but tough on the heart. Always alerted, she was often quiet. People thought that she had nothing to say or that she was shy, whereas she simply preferred not to speak when she had nothing meaningful to say. Words meant a great deal to her, every word that left her mouth was precise and timed perfectly. She was lost in her own world, in her own mind. She was happy there. It was her safe place and her war zone, for she battled her own thoughts. She wanted so much more than she could get out of this world, she wanted adventure in the great wide somewhere, she wanted more than she can tell, she was aware of the mere likelihood for what she wanted of course; she was a very smart girl. However, she refused to let go of her desire for more, hoping that some day, the world would decide to be kind enough to offer her a place to exist.🖤


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