Last Words🌸

Beaming across the halls, she saw light in a corner but darkness in the next. She felt the angels by her side, but the devil between her feet. She glanced at the other girls, they were cruel and heartless, laughing at her, tormenting her, just like they always had. The world was spinning, she felt the ground shaking, the sun melting, the sky falling, she felt so many things. What was it that made them think they had the right to do so? Nights passed, days raced but she felt time as if on rewind. For, everyday was the same. She was different, she knew that, everyone did. She didn’t feel the need nor the desire to be in the so-called popular squad. She didn’t need the protection because in reality, she knew the raw purpose of its existence. She was aware that a bunch of frail, desperate and lonely souls needed each other to feel safe, to feel powerful, to feel complete. She didn’t need that. She was perfectly imperfect, but complete all on her own. She was like a dense forest waiting to be set on fire. She roared with the force of a thousand lions, but her voice was too loud for her messed up generation to hear. She held on to her thoughts, beliefs and desires, waiting for the day she could finally be released into this world. She was trapped, like a little bird in a cage, stuck with her thoughts and dreams. She wanted to soar and fly, she was filled with a passion so deep, she could change anything in the world if she wanted to do, and she did. She wanted so much out of this life, more than she could ever explain and more than it could ever give her. She saw potential in every corner, she saw passion in every soul and she saw the sky as the place she wanted to go. How could a fragile, young yet independent soul have so much to say, yet say almost nothing at all. The world, to her, was a canvas which she filled with colors and shapes with her thoughts and imagination. She spent as much time thinking as she did breathing. Not a single moment passed by, where she wasn’t lost somewhere in her mind, wondering in a world of her own. In a world far away from reality, one where she could hear her last words being, “I’m lost, but free.”


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