A mystery

She was a dreamer , for she saw clouds where others just saw the sun

She saw the stars where others just saw the moon

She saw beauty in what others found weird

She was a beautifully fabricated mystery

Never fully on show, she was like the moon, part of her was always hidden

Always lost in her thoughts,

no one could figure out what she was thinking of,

She was a poem in a world that had forgotten how to read

There were so many unsaid words she wanted to say

but she was fragile yet strong, with a fear of attention

Whereas , she had already shone without noticing

The stars watched her every night , the moon wondered why she wasn’t a star

She was a star, a star on earth

A shooting star, with eyes so bright and a smile so rare, that by the time you had blinked, she would be out of sight

She had so much to offer that she didn’t know where to start

Her eyes held magic, they sparkled when she spoke of what she loved

There was so much that she loved, she loved to feel

She was addicted to pain, to grief, it comforted her, it inspired her

She wrote with a passion, her fingers soaked in blue ink, for her mind was a beautiful place

Her words were a picture of her imagination, for she was hard to understand

She was beautiful: broken and flawed

She was hard to get, hard to keep

She was hers before she was ever anyone else’s’

A free spirit, with a fire within her soul which burned for what she loved

She was a mystery that was yet to be unraveled.


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