Isn’t it so ironic,

how we give the advice that we can’t follow ourselves

we guide and lead while we ourselves are lost

we look in the mirror and we see what others see

we see what is ugly, what is beautiful

every insecurity and every flaw

we judge and tear ourself apart piece by piece

How can we expect others not to judge us if we judge ourselves so harshly?

Society is but a product of our thoughts, actions and faults

Isn’t it so ironic,

how we choose to believe the bad instead of the good

hate over love, grief over joy, war over peace

If love could be spread as easily as hate,

what a beautiful world we would have lived in

But the most ironic of it all is, how

we create our own storms and then get upset when it rains

and how we stay far away from the sun and then wonder where the rainbow lies


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