After a while, you’ll see that

what was a promise is now a memory,

what was once loyalty is now despair 

A very fine line lies between love and hate 

After a while, you’ll learn how

easy it is for loved ones to become strangers

how easy it is for the people who were closest to you to hurt you,

despise you, talk about you

Not lovers, not friends, just strangers with some memories.

What is ignored does not mean is unknown

and silence isn’t the same as forgiveness, there’s a difference

Just like realizing what’s best for you isn’t the same as giving up

You can lie to yourself all you want,

but you can’t fool the people who truly know you

Yes, pain hurts, but pain is good my dear,

for sometimes pain is the best reminder that we are still alive

But you know what’s the worst thing about the pain of betrayal,

it’s that it rarely ever comes from your enemies


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