Insanity, doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. We are all insane. We are all sane. We fall in love, get hurt, then fall in love again. We don’t study, fail a test, and not study for the next one either. We expect love from a vicious person, we expect everything from our parents, we expect respect from others even if we don’t have respect for ourselves. However, people do change. Their essence remains, but their desires, beliefs and perspective changes. Everything in life is variable; nothing is constant. There might be a few exceptions where there’s an in between. Family is constant yet not, it can drift apart; friendship is constant yet not, people come in and out of our lives every single day; love is constant yet not, it is so easy for lovers to become strangers. Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. People can inspire you, move you, make you see things you hadn’t noticed before, see light where you once saw darkness and vice versa. However, the most horrific change you may ever face is change in who you are. A bad change, a change of a person you loved being; because let me tell you something, if you ever lose yourself, that is when you’re really gone for good. In the end, we’re left infinitely and utterly alone. You are your greatest ally and friend. That is exactly why you should never bail on finding who you are and accepting it, flaws or no flaws, since life is better flawed and lived than perfect and not. A new day is going to come, whether you like it or not, so it’s your choice if you’d rather control it or let it control you. Life is tough, sometimes it turns good people into bad people, but sometimes it turns bad people into good people. Anyone can change, and usually the reason they change is love. Love is a cure for any evil, any monster, any devil. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it and stop living in fear of what will happen next, just exist. “Someone once asked me why I kept giving a person who hurt me a chance? Why I kept looking for his redemption? I said that I’ll stop looking for it once I’m certain that there’s none of it left to be found.” In the end, “good” and “bad” are just terms that mean nothing, people will do what’s in their best interest regardless of who gets hurt, and that is a response to this harsh and unfair world. Regardless of that, life isn’t promised to us and therefore every morning that we wake up is a blessing. Just remember that love does not make you weak, caring does not make you weak, pretending that you don’t does.

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  1. Really you can explain in simple
    Words yes complicated human
    Feelings . I always read it again and again it’s realy incredibly touching❤️❤️❤️

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