Thantophobia (n.) The phobia of losing someone you love.

“It’s both funny and scary how it’s possible for people that were once so close, to drift apart so easily.” I know how they say that a relationship heartbreak is the worse, but honestly, what breakup isn’t? Families drifting apart, friends disconnecting, best friends becoming strangers, siblings with no communication…It’s the worst feeling ever. But why? Because you only realize the value of something when you lose it; just like you only know the value of someone when you lose them. Drifting apart from someone you never used to go a day without speaking to, heart breaking; but growing apart doesn’t change the long time of growing together side by side, roots this old will always be tangled. We let our pride get in the way of everything! Why won’t you tell her you miss her? Why won’t you tell him you want him in your life? We lose someone we love just because we don’t want to hurt our pride. Is your pride so important to you that you’d risk everything you love for the sake of being prideful? I think I’ve learned that in friendship, or any relationship, that pride should have no place. It is you and the other person; not your pride and theirs. If you don’t want to lose a person, fight for them, stay concerned, let them fight for you. Don’t cut all ties with someone and then wonder where they left. Change is inevitable. Everyone changes, but change is good. Why let change be the end of things? Why not embrace change, make it a start? I mean it’s so weird when you realize that the person you once told everything to now has no idea what’s happening in your life. People need people more than they need pride, more than they need space and more than they need detox. People only realize the things that are done for them until they aren’t done anymore; and that is one of the flaws of human nature. Lack of appreciation. Our expectation precedes our appreciation. Life is not long enough for that. We have so little time for us to be hiding our feelings. Say what you feel, do what you desire, fight for what you want and for who you want.  You are not your name, not your height nor your age, you are the books you read, the places you love, the songs you listen to, you are not the bad decisions you make, you are not where you are from, you are the people you choose to surround yourself with, you are your thoughts and you are your feelings. Many people will see the thousand things that you are not, but only a few will see the million things that you are.

“Have the freedom to love, to feel and to express.”

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