You | انتَ

Beauty exists in whatever you decide to see it in. Happiness exists wherever you decide to feel it. Love exists in whoever you decide to give it to. There exists but one thing in common between the above, you. What, where and who you decide on. You are yours before you are ever anyone else’s. What are you if not the marvelous energy you hold within you? This energy is fire, your own personal fire. You decide how, when, where and who to use it on. Don’t lose the child that you are and always have been. This child is the pure you. He is both the potential that you have found and that you haven’t discovered yet. Embrace the child within you. Jump on the grass, dance all night, scream at the top of your lungs, paint on the walls, write your mind, ask for what you want, just be you. There are so many quotes and advice about being yourself, but does everyone truly know exactly who he/she is? I mean, I don’t. But what I do believe is that life is a journey of finding out, in details, who that person is. It definitely isn’t easy, because there is always who you think you should be, who people expect you to be, who you pretend to be and who you are. But, I don’t know what’s more worthy of wasting your life on if not finding yourself. Happiness is not a thing, a person, nor is it a destination, but a journey. You decide what makes you happy. You can either decide that an expensive car will make you happy or that doing charity work and helping others makes you happy. It is your choice, just like everything else in your life is. Peace and happiness don’t require two people, just one, you. And that is the toughest obstacle. Just be real, be you, and don’t ever live for anyone but yourself. I know it sounds really mainstream and “typical” but it’s true. It is so negative to keep trying to be positive, it sounds weird, but you will not become positive if all you’re thinking about is how to get rid of your negativity. Just like you won’t be happy if you keep looking for happiness, because all you will remember is your sadness. Just let it be and let it find you. Have what you have and be happy, loose what you’ve lost and still be happy. Happiness is a choice and an inside job.

If you want to be happy then be. It is that simple.

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