Pisanthrophobia (n.) The fear of trusting someone

Trusting someone will always be your decision, but it’s their job to prove you right. Wear your heart on your sleeve, but wear a tank top once in a while too. Give without expecting anything in return, but don’t allow yourself to get used. Listen to other people’s advice, but don’t forget your own voice. Trust others but don’t be naive. These are all so easy to say or read, but not so easy to actually follow. What is trust? Trust (n.) is “choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else.” If you have a hard time trusting other people’s true intentions, or as us teens are referring to it nowadays, having “trust issues”; chances are it’s because people nowadays have lying issues. Trust is the core of any relationship between any two individuals. Imagine this, your heart is like a garden, in it grow beautiful yet delicate plants, which you water daily with the perfect amount of water that they need to grow gracefully. You won’t hand the water hose to just anyone and risk your valuable and hard taken care of plants, if you don’t trust the person with them. Therefore, once you are able to hand the hose to another individual, know that trust exists within your coexistence. Not everyone is worthy of your trust, and many are trust-seekers who just seek it to destroy it. Their lust is trust. Be careful of them. Trust is like a plate, if you smash it on the floor, it shatters. Then collect the pieces, glue them back together and say you’re sorry, it doesn’t go back exactly to the way it was. Well, neither does trust. Some wrongs you make right, but others you live with. You also have to realize that not everyone has the same heart as you, not everyone thinks like you do, not everyone cares like you do, not everyone is loyal like you, and not everyone is as pure as you. Some are, but some aren’t. Life is about finding them both, and then sticking to the ones that are. If you are loyal, kind and caring, don’t stop just because you got hurt, continue because you are one heartbreak closer to finding your happily ever after. Actions speak louder than words. See it to believe it. Sure, sweet talk is like honey to the soul, but actions are water for the body. And we all know which we need more to survive. I think if love can be replaced by any other word, it would be trust. Because just like love, it takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

Trust what you feel, not what you hear.

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