Little things

Ft. Marisa Rae

“It’s the little things in life”

Why? Because one day you will look back and realize that they were big things. And when I say little things, I mean little, like flowers, falling in love, shy smiles, getting lost in a book, starry nights, hanging out with family and friends, holding hands, even your morning cup of coffee. Not everything has to be expensive or gigantic for it to be valuable, for value is in quality and not quantity. An expensive car or a trip of a lifetime with your closest friends? Making money or putting a smile on your moms face? Feeling rich or feeling happy? Think about it… Don’t spend your life trying to accomplish big things, while not realizing that the beauty of our life is made up of little things. My friend and talented fellow blogger Marisa also had a word to say when it came to this topic,

As society changes, so do our views. People in this generation take a lot of things for granted, and when these things are gone we are left with a deep feeling of regret inside. This feeling never goes away. No matter how little, or how big, never take anything for granted. Spend more time with the people around you, especially your family, because as much as we wish for our family to be with us forever, in reality this wish can never be granted. It’s the sad truth. Therefore, as humans, we must make changes in our lives in order to enjoy everything in life. If you’re given a flower, take care of that flower. And if you truly take care of it, it won’t die. It’ll simply grow into an even bigger flower. That right there represents change in our lives. Give back to your community, hang out with friends, and especially the elders in your life. You are already blessed enough as it is to wake up with a roof over your head, to have clean clothes, a warm bed, and to have at least 3 meals a day. There are people all around the world who aren’t even lucky enough to find something to eat, let alone find somewhere to sleep the night. Imagine if you were in there shoes… So please do me and Lilia a favor, after reading this blog, go call or text someone you love. Tell them how thankful you are to have them in your life. Trust us, they will appreciate it. Because sometimes, we all need a reminder on how much of a positive effect we have on someone.”~ Marisa Rae

Check out Marisa’s blog, Self love, I promise you won’t regret it!



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