Who are you?

From scars to stars,

Sometimes the world may seem against you, and the journey you’ve been through may leave a scar, but scars heal and reveal what you’ve been through. Scars are proof of your strength. Life gives you a hundred reasons to give up, yet you don’t. You keep going, despite the scars and that is strength! The people you love will change you, the things you surround yourself with will inspire you, the things you have learned will guide you and the mistakes you have made will teach you, because nothing on earth can silence the quiet voice you have inside. And when that voice starts to whisper, listen.

Do you know who you are? What do you stand for? What change do you want to see in the world? You are everything you’ve learned and more, you are the actions you’ve done and the patience you’ve shown.

So in one sentence, stop and think, who are you? and are you acting like the person you think you are?

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