• I kept thinking about something that I don’t know how I haven’t thought about before. Just how simple life is when you’re real. When you tell people exactly what you mean without playing games. When you wear your heart on your sleeve instead of pushing it aside. When you show your true colors without a single doubt in your mind. When you give without expecting anything in return. When you are truly yourself. Raw, real and genuine.
  • It’s just honestly so beautiful. Getting to know each other’s souls instead of our Instagram handle, talking with the people we care about instead of wasting our time on websites, and being alive not just present. Just think about the last time you laughed so hard that you cried, the last time you hugged your mom, the time you saw a baby and couldn’t not smile, the time you loved someone so much you’d have taken a bullet for them, the time you felt genuinely grateful and happy. These are the real moments, the ones that help us write our story, and know who we really are. Let’s be raw.
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