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Our life becomes beautiful by the things we do, the things we see, and the people we meet. I don’t understand the point of being afraid of new beginnings. I mean, sure everything new is kinda scary, but the chances of it going badly are the same as the chances of it going great. So why shy away from meeting new people, new energy, and new surroundings? Everyone has a story to tell, we just have to be willing to listen. Remember the building you drove by this morning? Well in every window, behind the curtains, lies a different story, and that is honestly beautiful. I don’t know how else to describe it. You never know who is going to turn your life around, so take the chances. Imagine losing a gorgeous soul just because of being too scared to say hi. We find ourselves when we find others who heal, support and love us. You hold the pen that writes your story, you are in control, and you hold the power within you to make a difference in your life by letting others in. “A painful ending is sometimes disguised as a beautiful beginning”. It is the unknown that scares us from time to time, but life is too short and too beautiful to be lived in fear. We have to live despite it.

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  1. It is rare but I was stuck in traffic today and seeing all those lives that are going about their life. It’s a lot to take in so I stop before I go further. I can’t lol. Traffic jam. So apparently I am still responsible. Well I am. I’ve lived with this my whole life. Understanding. More for others than myself. I appreciate your truth it’s refreshing. Thank you and…Hi

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