A year ago, everything was different. And looking back, I realize how much a year can change a person. Inside and out. But most importantly, how the person grows. Whether a negative or positive change, there was a reason for a turning point. You just have to look back and find out what that point was for you. A lot can happen in a year, from loss and failure to success and happiness. But like every year, there’s a next that follows. So if it hasn’t been your year, maybe the next will be.

Everything happens for a reason, and if it doesn’t make sense now it will later, just like things that happened last year didn’t make sense back then but do now. But when looking back, don’t give to too much, regret isn’t the best ally. Your future needs you much more than your past does. Put your regret to sleep, and let your light emerge peacefully and gracefully. Change can be scary, but something scarier is being stuck where you don’t belong. And sometimes it takes new experiences, new surroundings, and new vibes to find out where it is you belong. It’s okay to give it your all, it’s your life, if you didn’t then who will?

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