Kindness: (n) a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear

Kindness is honestly the most beautiful thing anyone can be. I don’t even understand why anyone would want to be otherwise. There are so many gorgeous things in the world, but not one of them is as beautiful as a kind heart. A pure, bright and sincere heart. You might realize that young and old people are mostly the kindest humans. Because kids have not yet faced this cruel world, and seniors have realized that the only way to conquer bad is with good, and thus cruelty can be conquered with kindness.

I genuinely don’t understand anyone who would try to bring someone else down. Pulling someone down won’t bring you higher. Kindness is one of the greatest gifts you can give another. If someone is in need of help, lend him a hand. Lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return. Don’t even wait for a thank you, do it because you can. Being kind reflects on you before it does on others. Someone who is kind to himself is automatically kind to others too. You are already so beautiful on the outside, so let’s focus on the inside. Because in the end, it’s what on the inside that matters.

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