Rare, what a beautiful word. I think it’s majestic how there are thousands of different copies of beauty. Blue eyes are beautiful, but so are brown eyes. Brunettes are gorgeous, but so are blondes. Long legs are stunning, but so are little ones. Stretch marks, fat, cellulite, scars, and all imperfections are part of who we are. They are part of our story. Isn’t is surreal how seven billion people, have seven billion different adventures?

We each hold the pen which is meant for writing our own unique story. Each chapter, holds  new characters, new experiences, new lessons, and new adventures. Growth is inevitable, but imagine the beauty of growing with someone. Just seeing how far you’ve both come, together, knowing that once you put your mind to it, nothing can stand in your way. We are all each our own. Different minds, souls, spirits, hearts, but same planet. We share a home, and that is what makes us more connected than ever. 

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