Human nature

It’s hard not knowing what it is that you want, or what it is that you feel; however it does remind us that we are fragile and human. It’s scary to want something at this moment, and not want it in the next. Our mind often plays the dirtiest games. Our heart craves one thing, while our mind visions the opposite. We are left with the mere confusion of what to do. Give it time they say, all heals with time they say, but does it actually?

Someone that makes you feel a special kind of way is someone that is in your life for a reason. Either to teach you a lesson, or to grow with you through the ups and downs. We are different people with different hearts and minds. So we feel and think differently. You can forgive what someone else can’t, and you can hold a grudge that another person can’t. And it’s okay to make mistakes, to not know how you feel, to miss someone, and to feel weak. We are human, and that is just human nature.

But be honest with yourself and others, tell people you miss, need, love them or whatever you do , if you need to.

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