We often fabricate stories in our minds that are so far off from reality. We create scenarios that we hope to live one day. But the thing is, if we get so caught up in our fairytales, we’d easily get disappointed by reality. So often I’ve been disappointed by someone’s character, then just to realize that who I thought they were was a character that I had created in my head. Just imagine that you can love, hate, care or envy someone just based on a fiction of them that you’ve created in your head. It’s a toxic mind game. So the question is: how to get out of it? I’m not completely sure. But I do know one thing, and that is love. Because I know that love is mightier and more beautiful than anything you could ever imagine. So spread love and positivity, and let your heart soar. Have no limits and just appreciate the people around you. You are not alone.

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