I think it’s inevitable that people are on a constant hunt for their happily ever after. And so it really scares me to realize that not everyone gets one. A happily ever after. But then again, you never know what is yet to come. A blessing could always be disguised as a burden and vice versa, how can you really tell? You can barely tell the difference between sugar and salt until you’ve had a taste. Maybe life was meant to be like that; trying things out and figuring your way with a hopeful heart. Things are so tough right now that I’m not going to even try and sugar coat them. But then again, god gives us what he knows we can handle. Just like me, you, many people are going through hardships right now, and as cliche as it’s going to sound, we really are in this together. With a heavy heart, I hope for brighter days and happier times. Please be safe, for you, your family, and everyone else. Sending the warmest love and prayers.

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