Lust and pain


Series: part 1

As the stars glimmered in the pitch black sky, the night was mesmerizing… it was wild. She came down the never ending steps of the ballroom stairs, she was radiant. Her bright ocean eyes, puckered lips, postured shoulders, and that beautiful emerald gown. She was a sight for sore eyes. She stroked her hair, with a soft timid, for she was unaware of her beauty. Her beauty which shined so bright, that the stars were jealous. There he stood across the ballroom with an emptiness in his chest. But as soon as he turned around and saw her, an electric wave flowed through his body. No words could describe the feeling he had felt. Being the young, handsome yet noble man that he was, he had traveled the world. He had seen the most beautiful places ever to exist, yet he had never seen such beauty, such grace before. His eyes lit up, his heart raced, and his feet carried him towards her with no control, like magnets attracted to one another. She didn’t seen him at first, but when she did, she felt butterflies flutter through her body. He was the most charming man she had ever laid eyes upon. He had those magical eyes, as if pools of honey, which pierced right into her soul. What was this? What was this feeling that was almost devouring her? She had never felt such a thing before. He asked to have this dance, and how could she say no? Indeed she didn’t, and they danced the night away. Their bodies were on fire, the sparks persisted, the connection never faded; on the contrary, it got stronger and stronger. He had never wanted anything so badly. How could he have never met this angel on earth before? It was getting late, neither of them wanted this to end, but nothing good lasts forever. Or so they thought? That is until HE came back…

Who is this man? And why did his presence shatter their fairytale? Revealed in part 2!

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