Maybe we’re all a bit broken. We all have our own scars, different yet so alike. We feed on what others think of us- and the monster continues to grow. It grows wildly and viciously until it tears us apart. A monster which we all have, inside us. Our insecurities. But the thing is, we are in control. We have been all this time, but we never realized it maybe. So if we’re in control then why let it poison us? No more. We are shattered pieces, fractured and splattered. However, sometimes two pieces fit together. But these two pieces aren’t always both yours. Love is a funny term actually, I used to think it’s for romance novels and movies. I still kinda do. But I now know the term for when two pieces from two very broken, very different, yet very similar people, come together. It is the need to fix each other which makes you forget your own damage. You become so determined to fix the other, you forget that you yourself are broken. Is it toxic or is it good? I don’t know. But I get it now, when they say, it’s our paradise and it’s our war zone.

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