I haven’t written in a while, and I think that’s mainly because of the lack of inspiration that I’ve felt. But I just realized that it wasn’t that. I am being inspired, but the things that are inspiring me now are not the things that inspired me before. I have found a whole new side to myself that I didn’t know existed. I can’t believe what’s happening in the world right now, but I do know that sitting here, writing this, I feel full. And I think it’s important to realize that everything doesn’t have to feel perfect for it to feel good. That’s something I don’t always remember, but it’s a very powerful thing. I just wanted to start writing again because I wanted to remember who I was back then and who I am now. We have all changed, whether we realized it yet or not. But we are all still kind, beautiful, and loved. I hope for a better tomorrow and a better future for us all xxx

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