Sometimes, reality truly does feel like a dream… or in this case, a nightmare. We have evolved so much as people and a community. We have achieved what once was the wildest of imagination. We have found our selves, our ways, our beliefs, and most importantly our morals. I can’t understand whatsoever, how after all of what we’ve achieved and how far we’ve come, we then took this huge setback in the most basic element of our existence. Humanity.

 Since the dawn of time, humans have always moved forward. We exceeded the expectations of technology. It is miraculous, the things we have discovered and the development we’ve made. That is exactly the reason which makes me not comprehend how and WHY we’ve had an issue with our humanity. “I can’t breath” said George Floyd. What could make a person feel so entitled as to take another humans life? There is absolutely and utterly no excuse. whatsoever.

“All lives matter” is what some are saying. Of course all lives matter. If they didn’t then life on earth would end. But our black BROTHERS and SISTERS are the ones in need of help right now. That is why in a time like this, a time of change, we say “black lives matter”. Nobody chooses how they look like, what color their skin is, what race they are. I will never understand how a persons skin color has anything to do with them as a person. Oh she’s asian, she’s a nerd. Oh he’s black, he’s dangerous. Oh she’s white, she’s spoiled. NO. Just no. First of all, you should never judge another person. It is not your place nor has anyone asked you to. However, if you were to judge then judge the person as a soul not as a color. There is nothing in this world that doesn’t come in all shades and colors. That is because beauty is diversity. We are all beautiful. We are all worthy. We are all EQUAL. I could honestly go on and on, because racism is disgusting. I will not stay silent for what is wrong, and neither should you. Silence is betrayal. And yes maybe this blog won’t change the system; however, it will reach someone. That is how we spread our message.

Stay safe, and remember your worth.

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