Beirut | Phoenix

I no longer say

I love my country

I now say,

I love my people.

Because what is a country?

The people, land, government, basically everything

I don’t really care for those

but what I do adore

are my people.

My people who are






my people who are one.

I will never understand how a person who had everything taken away from them by what are supposed to be their “leaders” can be so hopeful

and filled with so much light,

so much passion,

so much love.

Nothing, and I mean nothing can rob us of this light we have within

the light that shines through every hardship, every betrayal, every harm that has come our way

I am so heartbroken,

but so proud.

So proud to know that, at the end of the day, we still have each other

we may not have much,

but we have each other.

I am so sorry for all those who have lost a loved one because of this horrific and merciless tragedy. They are all in a better place now, and we will not let them be gone without reason, without a fight. I love my people more than anything in the world. Beirut you are beautiful, by your architecture but more importantly by your people. They have destroyed our beautiful Beirut, but this will not be the end. We will rise again like we have before. Beirut is the Phoenix. We are the Phoenix, it’s people.

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