I can’t even begin to describe how much I’ve changed. If you ever tell me that I’ve changed, know that you are right. We are all prone to change. Experiences, traumas, hardships, accomplishments… they all shape us. They change us. But oh how much I love this change. I don’t know why change is usually associated with a negative connotation. When you tell someone they’ve changed it means something in the lines of “they used to treat you better” or if someone tells you that you’ve changed it sort of low-key means that you used to treat them better. But change can sometimes be the best thing that can ever happen to a person. I loved the person I was and I love the person i am now even more. I was passionate, now i am both that and hardworking. I used to be very sensitive to what everyone thought of me but now the only opinion about me that i care about is mine. I have heard the phrase “love yourself” so much now that sometimes i forget what it’s supoosed to actually mean. So I’m going to try and put it into perspective by going into the details of what it means to me. “Love yourself” OR love your insecuritues and learn to grow with them, be proud of yourself when you need to, be hard on yourself when you need it, don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t need it, explore your passions, write down your random thoughts, listen to the music that YOU want to listen to, spread your beautiful aura, and don’t be shy to put yourself out there. I think the best advice i could give someone, based on what i’ve learnt, is be you for you. Don’t live for anyone else and definetly don’t limit yourself because of anyone else. Your world revolves around you.

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