Maybe we’re all a bit broken. We all have our own scars, different yet so alike. We feed on what others think of us- and the monster continues to grow. It grows wildly and viciously until it tears us apart. A monster which we all have, inside us. Our insecurities. But the thing is, we... Continue Reading →

Lust and pain

Series: part 1 As the stars glimmered in the pitch black sky, the night was mesmerizing... it was wild. She came down the never ending steps of the ballroom stairs, she was radiant. Her bright ocean eyes, puckered lips, postured shoulders, and that beautiful emerald gown. She was a sight for sore eyes. She stroked... Continue Reading →


@indg0 Not everyone in your life is going to want to stay. Some people are meant to be a lesson that you have to learn, the hard way. Whereas, some are willing to stay and stand by you every step of the way. But, that is all mediocre. That is the way life has always... Continue Reading →


I think it's inevitable that people are on a constant hunt for their happily ever after. And so it really scares me to realize that not everyone gets one. A happily ever after. But then again, you never know what is yet to come. A blessing could always be disguised as a burden and vice... Continue Reading →


You have been given a beautiful fragile little heart. It is a gift, so don't ever let anyone make you feel ashamed of it. Sometimes life is unfair and difficult. It keeps hitting us with hardships to see how far we can go and not give up. Yes our heart is little, but it is... Continue Reading →


We often fabricate stories in our minds that are so far off from reality. We create scenarios that we hope to live one day. But the thing is, if we get so caught up in our fairytales, we'd easily get disappointed by reality. So often I've been disappointed by someone's character, then just to realize... Continue Reading →


We are ever changing individuals in an ever changing world. Like little pebbles floating in this great stream called life. As the popular saying goes "go with the flow" Nothing is as beautiful as believing that there's a plan for you, and leaving it on destiny. However, sometimes, clarity is a must. It is knowing... Continue Reading →


It truly is the little things in life. There is nothing as beautiful as the feeling you get when you feel the stars aligning and things finally going your way. Feeling loved and appreciated is the perfect example of that. We often forget about the little things, like kissing our mom goodnight, telling our best-friend... Continue Reading →


It's heartbreaking when things don't go the way you wanted them too. I know the pain, trust me, I've felt it. But I also know that it gets better. No matter how hopeless you feel, it will get better. When something goes wrong, there's probably a right reason it did. Just know that there's always... Continue Reading →

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