Kindness: (n) a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear Kindness is honestly the most beautiful thing anyone can be. I don't even understand why anyone would want to be otherwise. There are so many gorgeous things in the world, but not one of them is as beautiful as a kind heart.... Continue Reading →


Metanoia: Greek (n) spiritual conversation A soft summer breeze, dancing on the sand, under the moonlight, it was a moment of serenity. At dawn, the birds were chirping beautiful melodies, waves were splashing gracefully, and souls were waking up to a new adventure. A new day meant a new blank page where each person filled... Continue Reading →


This year, learn that it's okay to be selfish. Selfish with your time, love, attention, and yourself. It's okay to be a little selfish if it means you'll love yourself as much as you love others. Be proud of yourself when you deserve it, forgive yourself when you make mistakes, give your self a break... Continue Reading →


Paradox: (n) a seemingly absurd statement which when investigated turns out to be true. Just because of ego, we lose someone we care about. Just because of bad temper, we hurt someone whose only intention was to love us. Just because of our anger, we take for granted the people who care most about us.... Continue Reading →


This is a piece of fiction; Part 2 I felt my heart drop into my chest, my feet sink into the ground, my fear rise to my conscience. There was nothing left for me here. Reality faded into memories, just like existence dwindled to nothingness. Slowly examining what has happened, I felt powerless, worthless...weak. There... Continue Reading →


This is a piece of fiction ; Part 1 You know the feeling of having something weighing down on your chest? You feel something heavy, a pressure pulling you down; pushing down on your fragile heart. I don’t know what that is. But it’s there, making it difficult for me to breath, think, and speak.... Continue Reading →


A year ago, everything was different. And looking back, I realize how much a year can change a person. Inside and out. But most importantly, how the person grows. Whether a negative or positive change, there was a reason for a turning point. You just have to look back and find out what that point... Continue Reading →

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