I don't know how to feel. Sometimes the world is too much to handle. We are all different spirits roaming around the same path trying to find where it is we belong. But it's okay to feel tired; tired of searching, of walking or even running. If you feel lost, I honestly don't know what... Continue Reading →

Human nature

It's hard not knowing what it is that you want, or what it is that you feel; however it does remind us that we are fragile and human. It's scary to want something at this moment, and not want it in the next. Our mind often plays the dirtiest games. Our heart craves one thing,... Continue Reading →


For whoever hasn't heard this in a while, you are loved. You are a ray of sunshine among a rainbow of opportunities. You're time will come to shine, I know it and I hope you do too. There is no doubt in my mind that there isn't a great plan ahead despite the bumps along... Continue Reading →

7 billion

7 billion people with 7 billion different personalities. People have different souls, hearts, and minds. However, we are all built from the same element. We all have fire within our soul, we are all connected to the earth, and we all rely on water and air to survive. Therefore, we are all connected. Diversity is... Continue Reading →


Just made a new Instagram page (@thesimplypowerful) for my soon to be published book, called "The Simply Powerful" I'll share new information about it soon, but for now it would mean a lot if you'd support the book by following the page. And please share you're instagram page as well, if you have one, so... Continue Reading →


I've come to the realization, that everything always comes back to you. It starts with you, and ends there too. You are the author of your own story, and you can fill it up however the hell you want to. Pick the characters, choose the setting, study your own character, and you have yourself a... Continue Reading →


  Rare, what a beautiful word. I think it's majestic how there are thousands of different copies of beauty. Blue eyes are beautiful, but so are brown eyes. Brunettes are gorgeous, but so are blondes. Long legs are stunning, but so are little ones. Stretch marks, fat, cellulite, scars, and all imperfections are part of... Continue Reading →


Kindness: (n) a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear Kindness is honestly the most beautiful thing anyone can be. I don't even understand why anyone would want to be otherwise. There are so many gorgeous things in the world, but not one of them is as beautiful as a kind heart.... Continue Reading →


Metanoia: Greek (n) spiritual conversation A soft summer breeze, dancing on the sand, under the moonlight, it was a moment of serenity. At dawn, the birds were chirping beautiful melodies, waves were splashing gracefully, and souls were waking up to a new adventure. A new day meant a new blank page where each person filled... Continue Reading →

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