After a while, you'll see that what was a promise is now a memory, what was once loyalty is now despair  A very fine line lies between love and hate  After a while, you'll learn how easy it is for loved ones to become strangers how easy it is for the people who were closest... Continue Reading →


Isn't it so ironic, how we give the advice that we can't follow ourselves we guide and lead while we ourselves are lost we look in the mirror and we see what others see we see what is ugly, what is beautiful every insecurity and every flaw we judge and tear ourself apart piece by... Continue Reading →


⎮She fell in love with the bad boy who would be good just for her. He made her feel alive, made her see stars where she once only saw darkness. He made her look at everything in a different perspective. As she was perfect for him, a good girl who knew exactly when to be... Continue Reading →


You felt things you've never felt before She taught you things you've never known before You saw in her what you've never seen in anyone before She was indescribable, her eyes, bright like an endless diamond sky How can one describe such beauty? Beauty found within her Always worked up and lost between who she... Continue Reading →

I feel you

Pain is relative. We all know pain, one way or another. It may not be the same type of pain, for people deal with diverse problems and everyone of them deals with their dilemma in their own way. You have the right to feel whatever you want to feel. No one has the right to... Continue Reading →

A mystery

She was a dreamer , for she saw clouds where others just saw the sun She saw the stars where others just saw the moon She saw beauty in what others found weird She was a beautifully fabricated mystery Never fully on show, she was like the moon, part of her was always hidden Always... Continue Reading →

Last Words🌸

Beaming across the halls, she saw light in a corner but darkness in the next. She felt the angels by her side, but the devil between her feet. She glanced at the other girls, they were cruel and heartless, laughing at her, tormenting her, just like they always had. The world was spinning, she felt... Continue Reading →

A world away✨

Gazing at the stars on a deep dark night, she got lost in her thoughts, wondering about the meaning of her existence. Thinking about life, what was life, why was it so savage and difficult to survive in. She pondered about how people were able to think about their afterlife when they hadn't even figured... Continue Reading →


Behold the truth, a girl known as trouble, seeking the love and attention she never got. Beware, not everyone that puts on a smile is happy...You never know the full story. The eyes hold the deepest lies and the heart hides the darkest secrets. The mind plays the toughest games and the mouth makes the... Continue Reading →

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