Thantophobia (n.) The phobia of losing someone you love. "It's both funny and scary how it's possible for people that were once so close, to drift apart so easily." I know how they say that a relationship heartbreak is the worse, but honestly, what breakup isn't? Families drifting apart, friends disconnecting, best friends becoming strangers,... Continue Reading →


  What most people seize to understand is that ā€œhomeā€ isnā€™t always a place. Home is wherever your heart is, whether a human, an animal, or anything else man could love. Home is a feeling. Land is nothing when it comes to spirit. You donā€™t fall in love with a place, you fall in love... Continue Reading →


Insanity, doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. We are all insane. We are all sane. We fall in love, get hurt, then fall in love again. We don't study, fail a test, and not study for the next one either. We expect love from a vicious person, we expect everything from our... Continue Reading →


We want most what we can't many times have you heard this? But more importantly, how many times have you felt it? We want what is almost impossible for us to have, we disregard what it is that we can have, and most of all, we neglect to appreciate what it is that we... Continue Reading →

All the feels

It sucks when others try to tell you what to do it sucks when they expect from you what they would never do themselves it sucks when someone doesn't deserve you and yet treats you like crap it sucks when others tell you how you should feel but what sucks the most, is when you... Continue Reading →


After a while, you'll see that what was a promise is now a memory, what was once loyalty is now despairĀ  A very fine line lies between love and hateĀ  After a while, you'll learn how easy it is for loved ones to become strangers how easy it is for the people who were closest... Continue Reading →


Isn't it so ironic, how we give the advice that we can't follow ourselves we guide and lead while we ourselves are lost we look in the mirror and we see what others see we see what is ugly, what is beautiful every insecurity and every flaw we judge and tear ourself apart piece by... Continue Reading →


āŽ®She fell in love with the bad boy who would be good just for her. He made her feel alive, made her see stars where she once only saw darkness. He made her look at everything in a different perspective. As she was perfect for him, a good girl who knew exactly when to be... Continue Reading →


You felt things you've never felt before She taught you things you've never known before You saw in her what you've never seen in anyone before She was indescribable, her eyes, bright like an endless diamond sky How can one describe such beauty? Beauty found within her Always worked up and lost between who she... Continue Reading →

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